Monday, July 2, 2018

2 Brothers

There are a lot of customers that can attest 2Brothers is the best grocery stores in Ilocos Sur. They have the second lowest price for their consumer goods, but they are definitely cleaner than the lowest priced grocery store, so, more people prefer shopping at 2Brothers.

However, when it comes to their loyalty card, it is one of the most problematic: in Novo, the counter lady will only take note of your card, you sign, and there's your discount. Same in Holiday. I have not availed yet at PureGold nor JTC (too many cards!).

At 2Brothers, their system is always broken down especially when you claim or want to use your points. And the supervisors are so helpless about it.

I overheard one loyal customer who wants to use her card one afternoon in their main (Vigan) branch along Quezon Avenue.

"Ma'am sorry but you cannot use your points now because our system is broken," the supervisor said.

"So, when will your system run?" the customer asked.

"I don't know," the supervisor replied.

"Is it not possible to use my card points now and I will just surrender to you my card?"

"It cannot be, you have to be here when we swipe it."

"It's OK that I am not here when you swipe it. I cannot guess when will you be able to swipe it, so,I might as well leave it to you."

"No can be...."

(The supervisor cannot understand).

"I have been trying several times to use my points, but you are always offline," the customer said.

The supervisor just kept repeating it cannot be done when it's offline, but he can neither give a date when will it be repaired.

Attn: Liquete Sisters!

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