Thursday, April 15, 2021

More than a year After the Plandemic

 In March 2015, after Bill Gates bought the Global Alliance for Vaccine Initiative, virus scare had been started in several efforts - EBOLA, SARS, and by October 2019, the Covid. Bill Gates created more noise as the laboratory people mutate a virus they would soon associate with - of all clean animals - bats!

And hospitals are declaring c19 deaths brazenly without factual basis. They actually expect people won't talk?

Gates was rallying for governments (yes, governments, for mass purchase!) to get ready for his "outbreak" - because he has spent so much for depopulation (by the way folks, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation sponsored the RH Bill campaign to stick the deadly and banned Depo Provera to our 4Ps mothers!) already, he is ready for the next level! The 2019 plandemic!

And now that were there already (more than a year of lockdowns, hype, and a lot more!), here's what Ms. Grace Kelly wants the Department of Health to disclose:

What People have the right to know:
1. How often should updates be given?
2. What should be included in these reports? (Nos. of people vaccinated who got reactions, from mild to adverse, separated by proper classifications like brands etc.)
3. Updates as to who should be removed from the lists of taking the vaccines.
4. Of those already vaccinated, sub-classified as to 1st or 2nd dose already, how many tested positive afterwards?
Plus further infos like:
A. What degree of covid manifestations are typical or experienced?
B. How many were hospitalized (even after vaccination) plus detailed reports.
C. How many died after vaccination plus details.
Isn't the DOH supposed to provide transparency and unsullied information to provide the people a basis for a proper choice since this is a HEALTH issue – their health. Details like brand, nos. of shots given, patients who should be given vaccination and other important data should be made public.
Furthermore and most importantly, this "pandemic" should not be addressed by vaccines alone, all measures should be exhausted. Other medical alternatives as well as other means/measures/ways to resolve it since lockdowns seem to not work given that after 2 weeks of quarantine, the numbers have continued rising. Thus, this problem seems to be even getting worse.
Yes, this is a worldwide issue, we cannot deny that. But this is also really a very difficult task requiring not just government effort but public cooperation – But how could the public cooperate without knowing the whys of it – too much is being hidden from them. Moreover, why are some people excused from protocols, glorified when going into the loopholes to hinder better health services, perhaps enriching themselves from this pandemic. Then isn’t it only right for people to speak up, inform and ask for the truth because those who represent our government are there to "serve" the people by informing them and not by misleading them.
We should also note that despite the hype, and the mass hysteria Secretary Francisco Duque III, and his cohorts at AITF had been drumming up for more than a year now, here's the actual statistics, but let's focus on the deaths, which is a very negligible 1.72:

Meanwhile, GAVI has reached the Philippine Statistics Authority already, so that in its recent report, these are the leading cause of deaths in the Philippines stating "COVID19 VIRUS not identified", whatever its place in the plandemic means:

Note the claim and observation of PSA: "Meanwhile, deaths due to pneumonia had the biggest decline, with -24.3 thousand less deaths in 2020 than its average in the past five years."


Seriously? The deaths were listed under Covid19! Surprisingly, the heart disease, neoplasm, and cardiovascular diseases weren't listed as cvodi19 deaths yet! Because we all have been expecting that. Yet, these are not considered health scares as compared to the 1.76 rate c19 deaths!

So, whether or not our government people would straighten up and stop treating us like themselves, remains to be seen. What is not funny is letting the blind fools lead us.

Thursday, September 10, 2020

More Doubts for the Covid19 Vaccine

 by Yesu Ben

In the history of vaccines, the longest vaccine testing (from research to distribution) took 49 years to develop before being introduced to the public. The shortest is the mumps vaccine which started trials in '63 and was introduced in '67 or a total of 4 years. Now they want this Covid19 vax to be released in about a year via what they call "warp speed"? It's unforgivably insane that they are playing with the lives of people.
In the US, they have opted for dropping entirely Phase 2 of the trials (3-phased) and even more dangerous is the possibility that they might forego of or discontinue Phase 3 as well because Phase 3 won't be concluded in time for elections.
Right now, even while Phase 3 is being conducted, they are already manufacturing in their factories those vaccines. Why? because the US government has authorized them to do so which means that should the vax fail, those pharmaceutical companies wouldn't be liable. (Source:
Now, how does the introduction of a vax in the US affect us here? 
Once the US embraces the vaccine, the rest or most of the world is most likely to follow suit and join the Kardashian band wagon. Those left behind will be considered irresponsible and will be made to feel guilty, unscientific, and labeled as conspiracy theorists. By the way, i am a conspiracy theorist and i am proud to be one. 
Sabi nga ni Clint Eastwood “There's a rebel lying deep in my soul. Anytime anybody tells me the trend is such and such, I go the opposite direction. I hate the idea of trends. I hate imitation; I have a reverence for individuality.” 
Special Mention to the responses of Dr.
Francisco Salcedo Cruz
below, very informative. He is an MD, MPH and Public Health Vaccination and good governance expert trained by WHO DR. CIRO DE CUADROS AND JICA WPRO ISAO ARITA.

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

The Covid19 SCAM Timeline You Cannot Miss