Monday, June 11, 2012

Organic Orchard in Santo Tomas

In a time when sustainable practices has become an inescapable necessity for all economic and even personal undertakings, the young but steadfast legislator Ryan Luis Singson representing District 1 of Ilocos Sur has his visions laid. Shortly after winning the snap election for the congressional position, Singson has implemented one of his first projects tackling today's most contentious issues - environment and sustainability - the Integrated Organic Orchard.

"The ways in which we help constituents generate income should be patterned after protection and preservation of our dwindling natural resources and the environment. We must enjoin all sectors to promote and support practices that provide positive outcomes not only for the people but also for the natural surroundings," Singson emphasized in the launch of the project.

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The project entails barangay residents to plant and cultivate various fruit trees including but not limited to rambutan, pomelo or sua, sweet tamarind or salamagi along the roads, plaza, school grounds, and other areas. The biodegradable waste of the barangay is used s compost and as organic fertilizer for the plants. This will not only help address waste disposal but also promote healthier and more sustainable economic activity for the farmers.

The project is initiated by Punong Barangay Ernesto Tadeja who is himself an avid farmer-gardener. He has for several decades now maintained a growing spot of reforestation on the hills of the Cordillera range and he hopes that the long-term project will not only benefit the current residents but the coming generations.

The Integrated Organic Orchard project is located at Santo Tomas, Santo Domingo, Ilocos Sur.