Saturday, September 25, 2021

Jose Rizal is Gay

 An academic paper submitted by Nalchael Cruz

Is Rizal Gay?

De La Salle University professor and local pop-culture provocateur Isagani Cruz offered “biographical evidence” that Jose Rizal is gay: Rizal, based on Rizalist columnist Ambeth Ocampo’s claim, did not sire the unborn child of his wife Josephine Bracken. In fact, it was believed that the couple hardly shared a bed. His second reason is that Rizal refused to marry his supposedly European girlfriend Nelly Boustead, with the lame excuse that he was Catholic and she was protestant. Quite obviously, Rizal was never a firm Catholic believer. In his own writings from letters to books, Rizal also never wrote nor insinuated about sexual act, nor have the knowledge of it. And last, Rizal went along well with many of his male friends.

There have been strong contentions about the possibility that Rizal was gay. But I would like to propose, first of all, as main reason for this disagreement is about the generally negative historical view of people about gay people: that they are some sort of mutants, deprived, sexually deviants, among others. Gays are on the opposite of “normal” or generally accepted “regular-ness” of being human (Garcia, 1996).

Basically, there was the strong belief that being gay is simply wrong.

But for me, it is never wrong to be gay.

Assuming that gay is normal, that it is positive, and just is, then, I believe, it is in fact true that Jose Rizal is gay. One indication for me that he is gay is his penchant for details – decorative details about homes, and his being (supposedly) a “metrosexual” – described as “new breed of straight, urban young men who unhesitatingly drowned their bodies in raucous cologne, who obsessed about their body hair, who spent an enormous amount of time and money shopping for chic, upscale clothing, and who were not afraid to be confused with gay men,” (Queenan, through Flores, 2005, P2).

Real men, however, may not be so explicit about the things they like and share them in extensive writing as much as many gay columnists, art, or design critics would. Which Rizal did. The tendency with gay people is to express their experiences and observations about things, as one may observe inside Philippine beauty parlors, the haunt of homosexuals. One would hardly hear details about the contents of a home (Ocampo, 2005) inside a barbershop, where talks would mostly be about politics, sports, local events (Buswell, 2018). Never the detailed decorations of a home as Rizal would discuss in his letters. Some masculine men indeed talk about vintage or technical items, or describe them, but necessarily for identification or recommendatory purposes, hardly in passing as the way Rizal and many prolific design writers would.

Rizal is gay, so what?

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

The Plandemic Agenda

 by Victor Casquejo

As I was reiterating that the COVID agenda is already discernible over IMF's COVID fund which is set to roll until 2025.
IMF presentation:
"The IMF in its presentation estimates that LOW-INCOME COUNTRIES WILL REQUIRE ABOUT $200 billion UNTIL 2025 TO SET THEIR RESPONSE TO THE PANDEMIC, and a further $250 billion to catch up with advanced economies. An additional $100 billion will be needed if risks identified in the baseline scenario materialize. Meeting these needs will require a coordinated, multifaceted, strong response."
That is very clear, and that is why the variants narrative is also meant to prolong this purported pandemic. Absolutely why governments are unreasonable with lockdowns and quarantines as it is meant to suppress economic activities, and further bury nations from foreign debts. One sure way to address resistance is to strip the people of financial independence and make them dependent on their government. Precisely the admin have already breached the 11 trillion national debt from 9 trillion in the same month of 2020, and Duque is again justifying lockdown and quarantines by merely assuming that Delta variant would cause surge on infection.
This country is already hostaged by the WHO's international guidelines, and will never result to independent means in addressing this purported pandemic. As we can see DOH and FDA are giving peer reviewed and effective alternative drugs a hard time, just so they can prolong this SCAMDEMIC! Our government is even blatant in disregarding constitutional provisions. As the president bragged that he wouldn't follow the law and even warned lower courts of impasse concerning Gov. Gwen Garcia's constitutional stance.
Great number of our countrymen remain oblivious of our predicament, and how our government is committed to the globalists' push for their great reset or the one world government. As this nation being signatory to the SDG/UN Agenda 2030 and Paris agreement, just like other weaker nations, is being compelled to give up its sovereignty for the new world order. Our government officials and politicians have already betrayed us, and will soon surrender our sovereignty to the UN, as all nation States are required to do so.
GISING Juan Dela Cruz!! As citizens of so many nations are now vehemently resisting this medical tyranny towards the globalists' one world government! 🇵🇭

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Ganito nila Tayo Niloloko

Ito po ang video ni Dr. David Martin founder, CEO at Chairman ng M·CAM®. Isang international intangible asset underwriter at analyst firm ang M·CAM® na nasa innovation finance, trade, at intangible asset finance.

Si Dr. Martin ang nagsagawa ng ilang innovation-based quantitative indices ng mga public equities at Founder ng Purple Bridge Funds.  Hawak niya ang Innovation Alpha ETFs (NYSE:INAU; NYSE:INAG; and NYSE:TWAR)at gumawa ng public equity index – the CNBC IQ100 ng M·CAM® na siya ngayong nangungunang economic indicator sa U.S. at Global Innovation Economy  na inilalathala ng The Conference Board

Siya ang spokesperson ng global financial at intangible asset accountability at quality reform, nakikipagtulungan sa United States Congress at mga trade at financial regulatory agencies sa Estados Unidos, Europe, at Asia. Isinusulong nila ang paglago at paggamit ng contract and proprietary rights in business transactions. Ang mga nakatrabaho nila rito ay ang United States Congress, Financial Accounting Standards Board,  ang United States Departments of the Treasury and Commerce, ang European Union at iba pang mga bansa. Nagtapos ng kolehiyo (BA) si Dr. Martin sa  Goshen College, ang Masters of Science sa Ball State University, at Doctorate (PhD) sa University of Virginia.

 Ayon kay Dr. Martin, narito ang mga katotohanan tungkol sa usaping #covid19, #coronavirus, ang mga mahigit 4,000 patents sa US, mga grupo, at taong namamahala sa mga ito:

  • Walang "novel (new) corona virus" kundi napakaraming pagbabago ng sequences sa corona virus
  • 1999 - mayroon nang patented na corona virus (US)
  • January 28, 2000 - nag apply ng patent ang Pfizer para sa "vaccine" ng aso at rabbit laban sa corona virus (Patent # 6372224 spike protein virus vaccine for canine corona virus)
  • Anthony Fauci, ang leading spokesman ng vaccine manufacturers, ay naniniwala pa noon na pang-HIV vaccine daw ang coronavirus!!!
  • April 19 2002 Patent 7279327: nagawa ang infectious replication defective corona virus  - ang virus sa sakit na SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) bilang gamot sa human lung epithelium gamit ang gene sequencing technology. Naganap ito ilang buwan bago nagkaroon ng outbreak ng SARS sa Asia noong 2003!
  • Noong 2001, kasama si Dr. Martin sa mga analysts ng US-AMRIID ng Department of Defense na nag-aral tungkol sa mga pattern ng mga patented virus bago pa nakilala ang Anthrax noong 2001
  • Noong 2003, ang Center for Disease Control and Prevention ay ipana-patent ang buong gene sequence ng coronavirus Patent #7220852 , at iba pang patents na mga violation sa US Code 35 section 11 - bawal ang pag-angkin ng naturally occuring substances. Naka-patent na rin ang detection ng c19 gamit ang RTPCR! Di ba at 2003 pa lang ay handang-handa na sila para sa 2019 OUTBREAK!!!!
  • Ang nakakatawa pa, DALAWANG beses na-reject ang patent application ng CDC / Anthony Fauci noong 2005 at 2006!
  • By 2007, na-override na ng grupo ni Fauci sa pamamagitan ng pag-susuhol at nabigyan na nga sila ng patent / ownership sa SARS coronavirus! Ipinagawa pa nilang sikreto ang patent!!!
  • 3 days matapos ipila ang patent 7141163 ng CDC, noong April 28 2003, ang Sequoia Pharmaceuticals - na kalaunan ay pag-aari pala ng Pfizer, Crucell, at Johnson & Johnson - ay nag-file naman ng patent para sa "anti-viral treatment and control of infectons by coronavirus!" Di ba, 3 days lang me gamot na agad sa sakit na ginawa ni Fauci!!!
  • Ang tanong: PAANO NAGKAROON NG GAMOT ANG SAKIT NA NAIMBENTO LANG 3 ARAW ANG NAKARAAN? Simple: Kasi nga inimbento rin nila yong sakit.
  • ISA PA: nai-publish ang patent ng Sequoia BAGO pa na-approve ang CDC patent (approved 2007!) identifying the disease! Sabi ko sa inyo me vaccine na silang ibebenta, wala pa yong sakit e!
  • Ang pagkakaintindi ko, inihahanda na ang kaso laban sa grupo ni Fauci na violation sa Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO). Batas ito sa mga big time scammer. 
  • Noong June 5, 2008, ipinahiwatig ng DARPA o Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency ng USA - ang interes nito sa coronavirus bilang isang biological weapon. At ang Ablynx na nabili ng SANOFI (ayan, kilala niyo rin yan, naDENGVAXIA na tayo niyan!), nag-file naman ng SERIES of patents na umaangkin sa features ng "NOVEL" SARS COV2 virus "poly-basic cleavage site for SARS COV novel spike protein and the ace2 receptor binding domain" na siyang sinasaving "novel" sa SARS COV2. Ang patent ay nailabas noong November 24, 2015 #9193780, lumabas matapos ang MERS outbreak naman sa Middle East. Opo, ibig sabihin, an'tagal na nilang pinaglalaruan ang sakit na yan!!! Sorry, pinag-aaralan pala! Buhay pala ang pinaglalaruan nila saka mga gunggong na government leaders.
  • Mga series of strands at iba pa ang mga patents na na-issue sa SANOFI hanggang 2019. Suma total ng mga patents tungkol sa C19 mula 2008 - 2019 ay 73 lahat!
  • By 2015, ready na ang LAHAT! Sabi ni Dr. Ralph Baric!
  • Pero teka, balikan po natin si Bill Gates, ang isa sa may pinakamalaking puhunan at sia ring spokesman ng c19 plandemic
  • Dito pa lang, kita na ang kwentong barbero nila mga kababayan!
  • Kaya't magtulungan tayong gisingin ang mga nagtutulug-tulugang IATF, DoH, at iba pa. Ibahagi (share) po natin ito sa kanila, na tama na po ang pagtatanga-tangahan!

Eto po ang mga address, email at numero nila:
San Lazaro Compound, Tayuman, Sta. Cruz, Manila
Philippines 1003
Telephone No. (632) 8651-7800

DOH Call Center
Telephone No: (632) 8651-7800 local 5003-5004
(632) 165-364
Mobile No (DOH Main Office): +63919-1601418
Email Address:

Thursday, April 15, 2021

More than a year After the Plandemic

 In March 2015, after Bill Gates bought the Global Alliance for Vaccine Initiative, virus scare had been started in several efforts - EBOLA, SARS, and by October 2019, the Covid. Bill Gates created more noise as the laboratory people mutate a virus they would soon associate with - of all clean animals - bats!

And hospitals are declaring c19 deaths brazenly without factual basis. They actually expect people won't talk?

Gates was rallying for governments (yes, governments, for mass purchase!) to get ready for his "outbreak" - because he has spent so much for depopulation (by the way folks, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation sponsored the RH Bill campaign to stick the deadly and banned Depo Provera to our 4Ps mothers!) already, he is ready for the next level! The 2019 plandemic!

And now that were there already (more than a year of lockdowns, hype, and a lot more!), here's what Ms. Grace Kelly wants the Department of Health to disclose:

What People have the right to know:
1. How often should updates be given?
2. What should be included in these reports? (Nos. of people vaccinated who got reactions, from mild to adverse, separated by proper classifications like brands etc.)
3. Updates as to who should be removed from the lists of taking the vaccines.
4. Of those already vaccinated, sub-classified as to 1st or 2nd dose already, how many tested positive afterwards?
Plus further infos like:
A. What degree of covid manifestations are typical or experienced?
B. How many were hospitalized (even after vaccination) plus detailed reports.
C. How many died after vaccination plus details.
Isn't the DOH supposed to provide transparency and unsullied information to provide the people a basis for a proper choice since this is a HEALTH issue – their health. Details like brand, nos. of shots given, patients who should be given vaccination and other important data should be made public.
Furthermore and most importantly, this "pandemic" should not be addressed by vaccines alone, all measures should be exhausted. Other medical alternatives as well as other means/measures/ways to resolve it since lockdowns seem to not work given that after 2 weeks of quarantine, the numbers have continued rising. Thus, this problem seems to be even getting worse.
Yes, this is a worldwide issue, we cannot deny that. But this is also really a very difficult task requiring not just government effort but public cooperation – But how could the public cooperate without knowing the whys of it – too much is being hidden from them. Moreover, why are some people excused from protocols, glorified when going into the loopholes to hinder better health services, perhaps enriching themselves from this pandemic. Then isn’t it only right for people to speak up, inform and ask for the truth because those who represent our government are there to "serve" the people by informing them and not by misleading them.
We should also note that despite the hype, and the mass hysteria Secretary Francisco Duque III, and his cohorts at AITF had been drumming up for more than a year now, here's the actual statistics, but let's focus on the deaths, which is a very negligible 1.72:

Meanwhile, GAVI has reached the Philippine Statistics Authority already, so that in its recent report, these are the leading cause of deaths in the Philippines stating "COVID19 VIRUS not identified", whatever its place in the plandemic means:

Note the claim and observation of PSA: "Meanwhile, deaths due to pneumonia had the biggest decline, with -24.3 thousand less deaths in 2020 than its average in the past five years."


Seriously? The deaths were listed under Covid19! Surprisingly, the heart disease, neoplasm, and cardiovascular diseases weren't listed as cvodi19 deaths yet! Because we all have been expecting that. Yet, these are not considered health scares as compared to the 1.76 rate c19 deaths!

So, whether or not our government people would straighten up and stop treating us like themselves, remains to be seen. What is not funny is letting the blind fools lead us.