Thursday, June 25, 2020

DoH earned wrath of Netizens!

Barely 3 hours after posting a warning to netizens that they should refrain from doing traditional colds, cough, and flu cure to address Covid19 specifically steambath and use of citrus, the embattled Department of Health (DoH) headed by its notoriously infamous secretary Francisco Duque III whose current legacy is the death of hundreds (if not thousands) of Dengvaxia vaccine recipients, thousands already assailed the post (below):
Some of the most popular comments with even thousands of likes include the following:
Darilyn Dela Fuente Bacay Un po kc ung praan ng mga taong hirap s buhay,yaan nlng po ntin ung gustong gawin ung tradisyunal n suob kung un po ung nagppagaan ng pakiramdam nila... hnd nmn po kau inaabala pr magpakulo ng tubig n gagamitin nila at gumagastos pr s gas n pangpakulo nila...😁😂
TRANSLATION: That is their (poor patients') way to remedy their situation, just let them be because this is a traditional medicine that helps their condition... they are not bothering you if they boil water & spend for their gas...

Nelly Gregorio Yung mga ninuno ko yan ang tinuro sa amin pag my ubo o sipon kame sa awa ng diyos nakakabgay ng ginhawa sa pakiramdam.nasa rao na yan kung gusto gawin o tuob wala pang namatay
TRANSLATION: Our elders taught us that this is the cure for cough and colds, so far with God's help, it relieved us of our disease. It is up to the person if he/she wants to do steambath or not. So far, I haven't heard any death from it.

Yob Dinopol Nawalan ako ng ganang kumain at humihina ang katawan ko parang sumuko na. Tumawag ako sa dios, tulongan mo ako maibalik ko ang lakas. Naisip ko tuob sa gabe ko gingawa pinawisan ako pinunasan ko pagkatapos. Mamaya nakatulog ako at paggising ko naghahanap na ako ng pagkain. Bumalik ang gana ko sa pagkain lumakas ang katawan ko. Thanks God gumaling ako
TRANSLATION: I lost appetite and became weak I want to give up already. But I prayed for my strength to come back. I remembered to take steam-bath at night, I perspired and wiped afterward. Then I fell asleep, and when I woke up, I was hungry. I was able to eat well and my strength is back. Thank God I am well.

But many are aware of the modus operandi in government agencies, about many hands in cookie jars (government purchases) who expressed anger with the same hundreds of likes:

Alex Dela Cruz Taruc Di kasi sila magkakapera kung totoong nakakagaling ang suob. Sampal sa mga doktor at pharmaceutical company yan.
TRANSLATION: They (government people) will not have money if it's true that steam-bath can cure. It is a slap on the face of doctors and pharmaceutical companies.

Eduardo Madayag wala na kayo gusto kundi puro galing WHO...kung declare nila agad pandemic sana mas maaga naagapan..antay pa nila dumami..tapos DOH pag hanap kmi ng mkkginhawa di pwede..ala pa nga kayo gamot eh..tapos sasabihin nyo d pwede..
TRANSLATION: Nothing pleases you except those that come from WHO (World Health Organization). if they had declared immediately of a pandemic, it could have been addressed earlier. They waited for cases to multiply. And then, DOH, if we seek our own relief, it can't don't have a cure yet, then you'll tell us to refrain from using our own medicine...

Vic Prado Dami nyo cnsbi.mbes na gawin nyo nlng ang dapat pra sa nkarrami.wla nman msama sa gngwa at panu mddisgrasya eh ntural mg iingat ang tao na gumgwa n2 dhil alm nmin na mainit na tubig.

TRANSLATION: You (DOH) tell us a lot of flak instead of working properly. There's nothing wrong with what people are doing, and it is only natural that they are careful because they know the water is hot.

Barely 20 hours posted, it has earned 37,000 mostly negative comments and ire with 45,000 shares. If anything, the post and its comments signify the divide between a barely working government agency and taxpayers who have grown cynical and can no longer trust the government. In a bigger picture, it shows how resilient Filipinos survive in a highly contagious, much-hyped, and controversial mutant virus.

So far, the DoH has not indicated any form of study or observation of the demographics of the virus fatalities, which many Filipinos suspect, must have been highly risky for those living in conducive, airconditioned spaces and designed against the Chinese. While considered low compared to other top causes of deaths such as circulatory, respiratory, and chronic diseases, Covid19 has turned economies upside-down including the Philippines due to unplanned lockdowns and restrained mobility. To make matters worse, its test kits, while already inroaded in their lives for mobility, work, and other purposes - remain questionable, if not highly unreliable.