Saturday, September 25, 2021

Jose Rizal is Gay

 An academic paper submitted by Nalchael Cruz

Is Rizal Gay?

De La Salle University professor and local pop-culture provocateur Isagani Cruz offered “biographical evidence” that Jose Rizal is gay: Rizal, based on Rizalist columnist Ambeth Ocampo’s claim, did not sire the unborn child of his wife Josephine Bracken. In fact, it was believed that the couple hardly shared a bed. His second reason is that Rizal refused to marry his supposedly European girlfriend Nelly Boustead, with the lame excuse that he was Catholic and she was protestant. Quite obviously, Rizal was never a firm Catholic believer. In his own writings from letters to books, Rizal also never wrote nor insinuated about sexual act, nor have the knowledge of it. And last, Rizal went along well with many of his male friends.

There have been strong contentions about the possibility that Rizal was gay. But I would like to propose, first of all, as main reason for this disagreement is about the generally negative historical view of people about gay people: that they are some sort of mutants, deprived, sexually deviants, among others. Gays are on the opposite of “normal” or generally accepted “regular-ness” of being human (Garcia, 1996).

Basically, there was the strong belief that being gay is simply wrong.

But for me, it is never wrong to be gay.

Assuming that gay is normal, that it is positive, and just is, then, I believe, it is in fact true that Jose Rizal is gay. One indication for me that he is gay is his penchant for details – decorative details about homes, and his being (supposedly) a “metrosexual” – described as “new breed of straight, urban young men who unhesitatingly drowned their bodies in raucous cologne, who obsessed about their body hair, who spent an enormous amount of time and money shopping for chic, upscale clothing, and who were not afraid to be confused with gay men,” (Queenan, through Flores, 2005, P2).

Real men, however, may not be so explicit about the things they like and share them in extensive writing as much as many gay columnists, art, or design critics would. Which Rizal did. The tendency with gay people is to express their experiences and observations about things, as one may observe inside Philippine beauty parlors, the haunt of homosexuals. One would hardly hear details about the contents of a home (Ocampo, 2005) inside a barbershop, where talks would mostly be about politics, sports, local events (Buswell, 2018). Never the detailed decorations of a home as Rizal would discuss in his letters. Some masculine men indeed talk about vintage or technical items, or describe them, but necessarily for identification or recommendatory purposes, hardly in passing as the way Rizal and many prolific design writers would.

Rizal is gay, so what?

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

The Plandemic Agenda

 by Victor Casquejo

As I was reiterating that the COVID agenda is already discernible over IMF's COVID fund which is set to roll until 2025.
IMF presentation:
"The IMF in its presentation estimates that LOW-INCOME COUNTRIES WILL REQUIRE ABOUT $200 billion UNTIL 2025 TO SET THEIR RESPONSE TO THE PANDEMIC, and a further $250 billion to catch up with advanced economies. An additional $100 billion will be needed if risks identified in the baseline scenario materialize. Meeting these needs will require a coordinated, multifaceted, strong response."
That is very clear, and that is why the variants narrative is also meant to prolong this purported pandemic. Absolutely why governments are unreasonable with lockdowns and quarantines as it is meant to suppress economic activities, and further bury nations from foreign debts. One sure way to address resistance is to strip the people of financial independence and make them dependent on their government. Precisely the admin have already breached the 11 trillion national debt from 9 trillion in the same month of 2020, and Duque is again justifying lockdown and quarantines by merely assuming that Delta variant would cause surge on infection.
This country is already hostaged by the WHO's international guidelines, and will never result to independent means in addressing this purported pandemic. As we can see DOH and FDA are giving peer reviewed and effective alternative drugs a hard time, just so they can prolong this SCAMDEMIC! Our government is even blatant in disregarding constitutional provisions. As the president bragged that he wouldn't follow the law and even warned lower courts of impasse concerning Gov. Gwen Garcia's constitutional stance.
Great number of our countrymen remain oblivious of our predicament, and how our government is committed to the globalists' push for their great reset or the one world government. As this nation being signatory to the SDG/UN Agenda 2030 and Paris agreement, just like other weaker nations, is being compelled to give up its sovereignty for the new world order. Our government officials and politicians have already betrayed us, and will soon surrender our sovereignty to the UN, as all nation States are required to do so.
GISING Juan Dela Cruz!! As citizens of so many nations are now vehemently resisting this medical tyranny towards the globalists' one world government! 🇵🇭